Watch Idina Menzel Get Surprised by Her Celebrity Crush, Matt Damon, on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

November 15, 2019 0 By JohnValbyNation

Even Hollywood’s biggest stars can harbor a celebrity crush! Idina Menzel appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday night to promote her new album, Idina, and the Wicked star told Kimmel which movie star she was always hoping would come backstage at her show.

“Cute guys would come backstage and I would be in green makeup and I would decide, like, should I shower really quick and meet him with no makeup, or should I meet him with green disgusting, dripping, sweaty makeup on? That was the decision every night,” Menzel said. While she got to meet stars like Tom Cruise and Vin Diesel, there was one she was always holding out for.

“The one I always dreamed of coming back was Matt Damon,” she revealed. “I was in London doing Wicked. All my friends in the cast knew that I had this movie star crush on Matt Damon, so every night they’d say, ‘Matt Damon is in the audience tonight!’ So I would hit the high note for Matt Damon and he was never there,” she said.

“And then finally one night they said, ‘He really is and we’re not lying.’ So afterwards I get the green off. I want to look pretty to meet him. Turns out he got the tickets for his mom and dad. Not cool, you know what I mean?” the singer joked.

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The second time, though, wasn’t a false alarm. “Finally he came and he came backstage and I got the green makeup off and he was there with his wife,” Menzel said of the unfortunate encounter. “He looked like he hated Wicked. He just seemed so bored by it. He was so sweet and the daughter, but he seemed to hate me. I think he hated me.”

Luckily, Kimmel had Menzel’s celeb crush backstage to set the record straight. “I’m kind of hurt by this. I loved Wicked. I loved it, and I loved Idina in it. We went back. I was in London making a movie last year. We went back to see it,” Damon told her.

“But you didn’t say anything! You didn’t say I was good or anything!” Menzel exclaimed.

“Because I was so moved. I was so moved by it,” Damon said before getting interrupted by the talk show host, with whom he’s carried out an ongoing feud.

Luckily, the duo did get to meet up backstage, where they got a sweet photo together. “Thanks #MattDamon for being a great sport!” she wrote.

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Watch the hilarious video above.

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