Campaign merchandise 2020: The fashion hits and misses

October 16, 2019 0 By JohnValbyNation

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MARIANNE. About 18 months ago, my friend @valerie_von_sobel suggested that I meet someone she greatly admired, Marianne Williamson, who was interested in commissioning a portrait. We made a date at the Baccarat hotel in New York, over-looking MOMA. Almost before I’d sat down, Marianne announced that she was going to run for President in 2020 and wanted to use the portrait as her campaign image. After 35 years as an illustrator I am not surprised by much, but I remember very little of the rest of the conversation. I did my homework; Marianne – in case you didn’t know- is a best selling author, spiritual guru and friend of Oprah (who claimed to have experienced 157 miracles after reading one of her books). She is also a Democrat. As a British citizen I cannot vote for her, but for using drawing to get her message across in a photo saturated world, she has my undying admiration. It was an honour @mariannewilliamson

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Although author Marianne Williamson didn’t meet the requirements for the upcoming debate, she deserves a shout out for the single most stylish candidate portrait of the 2020 race. Done by world-renowned fashion illustrator and celebrity portrait artist David Downton (whose work has appeared in the pages of Vogue, Vanity Fair and Harper’s Bazaar among others), the image appears on both T-shirts and campaign buttons on her campaign website.

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