Meghan Markle’s Family Is Getting Creative with Insults in Their Latest Twitter Feud

September 3, 2019 0 By JohnValbyNation

It’s not entirely clear what triggered Samantha Markle’s particularly vicious brand of wrath this time around, but it seems she was trying to undercut her and Meghan’s 25-year-old nephew, Tyler Dooley (of marijuana strain “Markle Sparkle” and MTV’s The Royal World fame).

Though Dooley is, indeed, capitalizing on his relation to “Auntie Meghan,” he hasn’t tried to take her down in the process, the same of which certainly cannot be said for the Duchess’s big sis.

Last week, a Twitter user called out the Markle family for apparently posting Dooley’s birth certificate online.

Dooley responded, writing, “They are clearly ‘fixated’ on attacking everyone that disagrees with their views. Very sad to see them act out this way, but as for suing, they are poverty stricken so it wouldn’t really do anything…”

[Paintball] Shots fired.

Samantha, 54, gave an unsurprisingly venomous response, writing, “Hey stop talking about this family you Little [sic] vagrant on the fringe. We are not poverty-stricken lol. You are disowned by the Markles you little scumbag. Maybe we should sue you for defamation libel and slander Tyler “Fooley” cease and desist #royalworld #mtv #dooley.”

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How is it possible that we have a series called The Royal World but no reality show dedicated to watching Meghan Markle’s relatives hurl creative (and damning) insults at each other? It’s time, Andy Cohen.

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