Month: July 2019

Andre Iguodala on the Business of Basketball

After Andre Iguodala entered the N.B.A., fifteen years ago, he quickly became known as an athletic scorer, playing first for the Sixers and then for the Nuggets. He made the All-Star team in 2012, and seemed destined to have a perfectly successful but championship-free career. And then, in 2013, he joined the Golden State Warriors…

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Kirstin Valdez Quade Reads John L’Heureux

Listen with: iTunes WNYC Stitcher TuneIn Kirstin Valdez Quade joins Deborah Treisman to read and discuss “The Long Black Line,” by John L’Heureux, from a 2018 issue of the magazine. Quade is the author of the story collection “Night at the Fiestas,” which won the National Book Critic Circle’s John Leonard Prize and a “5…

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Democrats’ Cautious Return to the War on Poverty

The poor used to matter—at least as far as political rhetoric goes. About half a century ago, Lyndon Johnson launched a war not on the struggles of the American middle class but on poverty—which had been revived as a major issue by activists and public intellectuals like the socialist Michael Harrington. In 1963, Dwight MacDonald…

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