Month: June 2019

Donald Trump’s Royal Treatment

Veni, vidi, tweeti. Thus would Donald Trump, in all modesty and likelihood, sum up the tremendous events of the past two days. His presence in Britain, on a state visit, has been the usual low-key affair; according to some reports, his entourage numbers no more than a thousand. Having landed in Air Force One, he…

By JohnValbyNation June 5, 2019 0

Andrea Lee on Cross-Cultural Encounters

Your story in this week’s issue, “The Children,” is a narrative about identity, in which, one could say, three continents intersect: North America, where Shay, the narrator, comes from; Europe, where she lives; and Africa, where she spends part of the year. How did that encounter of diverse cultures inform the story? Is it a…

By JohnValbyNation June 4, 2019 0