Introducing AMP Stories, a Whole New Way to Read WIRED

March 20, 2019 0 By JohnValbyNation

A few years ago, WIRED dedicated an entire issue to examining how the smartphone had changed the world. That change continues to evolve: Starting today, if you're using Google to search for something, your results may include a selection of "AMP Stories," including some from us at WIRED.

AMP Stories are an entirely new beast. They're WIRED stories, hosted on WIRED, but while you can read them on a laptop or desktop, they're made with mobile consumption in mind. In some ways, they're not unlike Instagram Stories or our Snapchat Discover editions—you tap through them, rather than scrolling—except they don't disappear, and they're searchable. Below are the first few you can find online as of today, along with links to their full AMP-Story splendor.

Introducing WIRED articles in an entirely new format: AMP Stories. Read the story

This incredible—and terrifying—snowboarding trick has only ever been pulled off by five people. Read the story

Get lost in the cosmos with these space photos. Read the story

Even the greatest Mount Everest climbers didn't reach the summit by themselves. Meet the unsung heroes of the highest mountain in the world. Read the story

Grab some popcorn and get comfy, friends. Here are the best comic book movies you can stream right now. Read the story

The US Olympic team's high-tech off-field outfits are designed to battle the frigid South Korean winter. Read the story

If humanity expects to feed its booming population, it’s going to need help. Enter the robo-greenhouse. Read the story

Behold: the microscopic beauty of nature. (Or, in this case, microscopic terror.) Read the story

This burger looks like beef, smells like beef, even bleeds like beef—but it's entirely meatless. Read the story

Witness the "decaying beauty" of Battleship Island—a tiny island most consider too dangerous to step foot on. Read the story

Making the perfect cup of coffee is a science. We know coffee, and we know science. Here's what you need. Read the story

You ain't seen nothin' until you've seen drone photos of the Danish countryside bursting in color. Read the story

Ukraine’s Soviet-era mosaics depict an idealized, futuristic vision of life before independence—no matter how far from reality the truth fell. Read the story

Being a Nobel-Prize winning chemist is exciting and glamorous—but that doesn't mean their labs are. Read the story

If you're the type of person who's ready to hit the slopes even on the most miserable days, this gear will help you stay safe and dry(ish). Read the story

We're proud to be part of a very small group of publishers who are creating these stories on day one, and are even more excited to explore new ways to show you what's waiting around the corner. As time goes on, you'll find all kinds of AMP Stories from us. There'll be magazine and web articles that have been optimized for AMP, as well as AMP-exclusive stories that show you a whole new side of the WIRED universe—and they'll all be perfectly crafted for your phone.

WIRED has always been about building a better tomorrow, and part of that mission is finding the best ways to bring our stories to our readers—wherever they are, and however they consume. We hope you're as amped as we are. (Sorry.)